Compact Discs

Thanks to the superstars at Amazon my first 3 full length CDs are available once more.

THE SECRET LIFE OF BOYS on this page is the original version and has popular tracks on it like "Boy Seventeen" and "God Damn You're Beautiful" which is my most streamed track at Spotify. NOTE that there is an updated digital version of this album called the "Deluxe Edition". It can be downloaded on this site.

RUSH PUSH was my second release. I started working on it immediately after finishing the TSLOB record. So it felt like I was making a sequel almost. This album has two versions of "Joy" and another extremely popular track called "Little Sister" which a lot of people have loved over the years. Also, the original version of "Sparkles From The Wheel" is on this record.

REMIXES, DEMOS + BOOTLEGS has been a big seller for me since I released it some years ago. It contains an extremely popular track of mine called "Groove Thru The Floor". The whole idea behind this album was to rectify a problem I created for myself. Which was that over the years I gave away or people stole cassette copies of tracks I was working on but had not yet finished. I would go to a club on a Saturday night and a friend of mine would come out to my car (a little Honda Civic) and we would sit and listen to a demo and of course this person would beg me to let them have the tape. So, a lot of tracks escaped my studio (my own fault) and ended up all over the place. So, this album was a chance to finish some things and polish up demos to a point where they were presentable. And I love this bunch of tracks because they're odd and eccentric and fun---like me!