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Greetings from the capital city.

My name is Arlin Godwin and I live in Washington--right up 16th Street from the President of the United States. We're not personal friends but we are neighbors.

He runs the country---and I make electronic music. Lots and lots of it.

Okay so, this is the point where I'm supposed to explain what my music sounds like. To summarize: it's "electronic" and it's influenced by Depeche Mode and Prince and Elton John and Trent Reznor and Fleetwood Mac and Pet Shop Boys---with a little bit of M83, Moby and Scissor Sisters thrown in. If you mixed all that together you'd get something kind of like what I do. And if some of the lyrics were about old boyfriends, hustlers, Judy Garland, porn magazines and gay bathhouses---then you'd be pretty much right on the money.

Is that clear enough? Well, I tried.

Anyway---there's free tracks on THIS PAGE RIGHT HERE. And you can contact me on the CONTACT page. (Which kind of figures.)

And please, please, please get on the E-MAIL LIST. I record constantly--like every day--and often release new material free to those on the list--before it goes out to iTunes and the other stores.

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Melody takes precedence over beats...suggests Prince's influence...”

— Washington City Paper

Songs about urban gay life. From the club to the bathhouse to Judy Garland...often recalls Pet Shop Boys & Depeche Mode...”

— Metro Weekly

Dirty Vegas meets Art of Noise.”

— Burnt Systems

If I didn't know better I would swear Studio 54 is alive and well.”

— Alternative Press

...difficult to describe...genre resisting...”

— DJ Wesley (Wesley King)

Awesome...intensity, melody & beauty.”

— Tenter Hooks

Arlin Godwin should send me a fan club application...He's been a favorite of mine ever since he started recording...”

— Music Monthly